Motorized screen covers


Stealth CoverArt™ blends nearly any flat screen display into your décor by automatically converting it into a beautifully framed photograph or work of art. Your wall mounted TV should not be the center piece of any room when it is not in use. With CoverArt, it doesn’t have to be.


Custom images are printed in house on a heavy duty, graphic arts quality canvas and framed by your choice of elegant wood mouldings. When the display is turned on, the Stealth CoverArt™ canvas automatically rises to reveal the total display screen without any obstruction. When the display is turned off, the canvas automatically lowers to conceal the gray screen. Follow the link to the CoverArt™ Customizer

Each Stealth CoverArt™ unit includes:


Printed image on graphic arts grade canvas
– Decorative wood moulding
– Motor and hardware
– Remote control


Easy To Install

Your CoverArt comes ready to mount directly over your existing flat-panel TV screen without the need to install attachment points or drill new holes. The main structure of the Stealth CoverArt™ frame is built from aluminum, so the entire assembly is very light for its size. The frame is custom made slightly larger than the outside dimensions of the display and is designed to fit over and rest on the bezel of virtually any flat screen display. (For flat panel TVs up to 120″ wide)


The Basics

– A hidden motor automatically raises and lowers the canvas when the display is turned on or off
– Can be customized with any high-quality photograph, or choose from hundreds of images in our online gallery
– Each unit is custom made to fit your unique TV size
– Fits nearly any flat screen display up to 120” wide
– Easy to install and lightweight – no mounting hardware to install
– Requires 110v power
– Low profile like framed art work
– Over a dozen frame styles and colors
– Fits on surface mounted displays and on recessed displays